Modelling Start

I’m starting with the fireflies.

I was considering stylising them, like the insects in “A Bug’s Life“, but I’m not really aiming this at children. Although they’re central to the story, they won’t be appearing as characters. There’s no need for them to be cute.

The tool I use is Autodesk’s 3ds Max. Most of my work involves space, so it’s not often I get the chance to model something like this. I’ve started with a combination of spline and poly modelling. This is also my opportunity to get to know the Graphite Modelling Tools. That toolbar has sat unused since it was first introduced.


This is what I’ll do first.

It wasn’t meant to be water. I started with fireflies but that led to June. Then that led to 水無月 (minazuki), which is equivalent to June in the old japanese calendar –  “The month of water” or “the month of no water” depending on your source. Fireflies appear here in June.

‘Here’ is a place called Iwamura in Japan. It’s where I live.

The water will be water in space. Water is eveywhere, as ice, vapour and liquid. There’s plenty in our solar system, it infuses our Milky Way galaxy, and has been detected 12 billion light-years away.

Project #1 – water, fireflies, Iwamura and space. Collected together into a short animation, 「水無月の宇宙」. Start.