Well, this was going to be a blog to help me manage a CGI project, but it’s gradually turning into somewhere to put my music.

Over decades, I’ve spent so much time noodling and experimenting with music but left behind no end product. At last I’ve found a way to do it. Three day limit. Noodle, refine, record, upload, forget. It’s the “forget” part that’s the most important. I’m working up through my equipment from the most basic piece. And for the first time in a long while I’m really having fun.

The CGI project, I’m trying to bring together themes that are familiar and interesting to me. The first I’m calling 「水無月の宇宙」   (The Universe in June), and it covers two themes – water and fireflies. I’m setting it in and around my village, and there’ll be a fair bit of universe too. That’s my day job. I run a small company that provides content and services to planetariums in Japan. I’m responsible for the animation, scenario writing and our website.