Incoming: Arturia DrumBrute

2016 turned out to be the year of the affordable analogue poly synth and the affordable analogue drum machine! Wish it had happened twenty years ago.

I’d had my eye on the MFB Tanzbar since it came out. It sounds fantastic but the price and apparently iffy build quality put me off. Thankfully I waited, and in November Arturia hit the market with the first of what will hopefully be a new generation of cheaper analogue machines.

It just arrived today. I haven’t tried it much yet, but there’s plenty to work with. In a straight shootout, I think I’d still prefer the Tanzbar sounds, but the DrumBrute looks much more versatile. The pads and easy-to-use sequencer set it apart too. Brilliant design.

Init Pattern 001

Half-finished and too sedate but what the hell. First try on the Electribe2.

The Electribe 2 is a sixteen part groove box. All manner of timbres to use as sound sources. Filters, modulation, effects. 250 patterns, each split into four bars of sixteen steps. Up to 24 animatable parameters for each pattern. All in all a great little machine for knocking out quick sketches.

You can also use the Electribe as a sixteen channel, 64 step (more if you use multiple patterns) sequencer for other instruments over MIDI. Plus, there’s a stereo audio input which you can either mix with the Electribe signal as is, or use as an oscillator source and apply the same filter, modulation and effects as you would to an Electribe oscillator. I’ve tried sequencing my Mother-32s, and it works very well.

Next I’d like to try something more rhythm-driven and get some external machines involved.