The King Of The World

Four months without a post!

Same as usual. Full of good intentions to begin with – a nice gritty delay on one of the Mother-32s, the Minilogue sitting ready to add some nice modern-sounding elements over the top. But instead I did what I always do and started playing a melody. And that was the end of that. Instant eighties. Without thinking, I had even added a bell sound to fill in underneath the lead – exactly what I was doing twenty or more years ago! It’s like I’m in a maze and I walk for miles but every time I look up I’m still in the same bloody place. Haven’t moved since 1985.

I’ve been really busy these last few months, but I took what free time I had to finish setting up my gear. So now I have everything hooked up to a midi sequencer, a mixer, a recorder and a patch bay. I’m all set. Well, almost all set. The equipment and time to make music is there. What I really need, though, is an escape route from my stubborn musical habits.

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