2004 – Jig

More music from the past.

I started using FL Studio around 2003 I think, and Sonar a little later. Same as everyone else, amazed at what was becoming possible with a single computer and a bunch of plugins. And so much of it was free! This piece here is all free stuff – mostly the PC51d soundfont and a couple of freebies from the now defunct PapelMedia.

Despite the genre – someone once asked me why I was doing ‘Riverdance music’ and I wanted to shrink to invisibility – I’m proud of this one. I wrote it on a Casio VL-tone when I was about fifteen and never forgot it. The Casio had this step sequencer that allowed you to input one note at a time. I never would have been able to play it on those tiny keys otherwise.

I always had an image in my head of how I wanted it to sound, so as soon as I was able to lay my hands on half-decent sounding orchestral samples I made the effort. Unfortunately, it’s one of the very few things I did manage to finish on the computer.

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