1985 – Iain and Me

One year later, I think, and me and Iain are upstairs jamming.

Nice one Iain!

At the time I was using two borrowed keyboards – a Hohner String Performer and a Korg Sigma. I loved that string machine. In fact, I love the sound of string machines full stop. I bought a couple in auctions a few years ago (a Roland RS-202 and an RS-09), I snapped up the GForce Virtual String Machine when it came out, and last year added the Waldorf Streichfett to my arsenal.

The Streichfett was a huge surprise. I couldn’t believe that a modern company would bother to reprise the string machine sound in such a small, cheap and useful package. It was as if I’d made an unconscious wish and it had come true. Fantastic little machine.

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