Incoming: Moog Etherwave Plus Theremin

I’ve wanted a theremin for years, but spare cash has always gone on other things. This time felt like the right time. First there was the Google doodle in March, which started me checking prices. I found this very attractive customised Etherwave. Then Prince died. There’s nothing like celebrity musician death for inspiring (justifying?) gear purchase. Not that Prince used one – just the old mortality, no second chances thing.

So now I have a theremin. It’s the Plus model that has CV out, so I can hook it up to the MS-20 or Microbrute and drive those. It’s a lot more difficult than it looks. An hour with it and I still can’t produce anything remotely resembling music. Call me if you need a retro horror movie soundtrack though.

Check out this wonderful performance. Unbelievable precision.

Prince and Tomita one after the other. What a shame.

Prince was probably the only artist I’d count myself a fan of. Well, him and Kate Bush. Flawed but brilliant. Funky as hell. Unswerving. Always true to his own music. The first song on his first album could have been the last on his final.

Then Tomita, who gave the world one of the best electronic music albums ever in “Snowflakes Are Dancing”. I started listening to it in my teens and it still calms me now.

Sad to see them go.

2 thoughts on “Incoming: Moog Etherwave Plus Theremin”

  1. I actually missed the news that we lost Tomita. How sad. I’m sure he’s at least partly responsible for my taste in classical music e.g. Debussy (Snowflakes are Dancing etc)…. In the early-mid 80’s I used to repeatedly borrow his albums on vinyl from the main Gateshead library in Shipcote. I really must go and buy some of his stuff.

  2. Just really good interpretations, eh. Genuinely understood the music and got the right tones.

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