Long Run

I bought five new bits for the littleBits Synth Kit, three of them to give me some interface other than the teeny-weeny keyboard – a button, a slider and a bend sensor. The other two are the inverter and logic XOR bits. I found a video showing how to emulate ring modulation with the XOR, so I thought I’d try that.

The arpeggio sequence is one littleBits oscillator driven by the SQ-1. The lead sound I’m playing is two oscillators sending through filters to the XOR bit. I have the bend bit modulating the frequency of both filters. Depending on the filter cutoff and peak settings, it’s possible to get some seriously screaming distortion going. I tried attaching the bend sensor to my index finger with elastic bands. That was fun, but difficult to control accurately enough. So I fixed it to the board and I’m just bending it with my left hand.

This series of doodles with the littleBits kit is to find out how much useable music I can get out of it. I thought I’d do ten in all before moving on to the next thing. So, six down four to go.