Something Simple

I’ve dabbled in music for years. I was hitting teenage when synthesizer music took off. My first electronic instrument was a Casio VL-Tone. My first monophonic synthesizer was a Teisco 60f. My first polyphonic a Casio CZ-101. I had a ROMpler workstation in the nineties, and switched to Sonar on the computer in the noughties. The last year or two I’ve been building a setup so I can move away from the computer again. But even now, I never get anything finished. Doesn’t seem to matter what I use.

So I thought I’d do something similar to my animation project – simple stuff first and build gradually. I have a littleBits Synth Kit. It seemed a good place to start.

I’m cheating a bit. I ran it through a Strymon BigSky reverb. You could put nails down a blackboard through the BigSky and have it come out sounding like heaven. But still, littleBits is fun. Too bad it’s so expensive here, especially with the weak yen. The kit is divided into components – oscillator, envelope, filter etc. – that snap together using magnets. The pink bits you can see are the magnetic connectors. Because you can order the components in any way you like, there are many many possibilities for sound synthesis. Maybe next week I’ll try something a little more ambient or ethereal.

Eyes Mapped

I mapped the eyes. Single seam around the base, pelt mapping, relax and a little adjustment of the vertices around the edges. I made an eye texture and applied it. I think it’s good enough for what I’m planning to do.

Here are the bitmaps I made. They’re 4k and tileable. Feel free to use them ….

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Unwrapping the UVs #1

Just to keep the ball rolling …. I spent a little time this evening looking into UV unwrapping. I’ve never had to do anything this involved before. There’s no need for complex mapping when all you’re doing is planets and gaseous objects and the like.

There are different ways to go about colouring or texturing 3D meshes.

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