It’s not difficult to find fossils in Iwamura. The soil is mostly red clay. Under a metre or two of that there’s a chalky layer, and wherever it’s exposed you can find fossils. I know a river not far from here that has a fossil layer about 17 million years old. Maybe the layer in Iwamura is a similar age.

We’re at an altitude of about 550 metres. The land must have risen quickly, since it looks like the rock has had very little time to compact. You can easily break it open with your hands. Get it wet and it crumbles. Apparently it’s rich in minerals and in places is quarried as a fertiliser.






I wonder what allowed the fossilised shells to persist while all the others were crushed into rock around them.

2 thoughts on “Fossils”

  1. When I was in a elementary school, there is a event once a year called research recital.
    I did a presentation about fossil.

    My grandfather had collect fossil.
    He showed me many fossil.
    I wonder those stones was alive once.
    I thought it was strange.
    So I decided my research theme.

    I remember that.
    Stone is interesting.

  2. I was in Tokyu Hands in Nagoya the other week looking at the fossils you can buy there. Some of them are very expensive, but others are just a few hundred yen. Do you have a Tokyu Hands in Sapporo? Please take a look. It’s very interesting.

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