Firefly Photography #1

I think I’m going to need some practice. I took the camera out this evening and made a first attempt at photographing fireflies.

You set the camera to manual focus at infinity and open the lens up. Then you shoot multiple exposures at a reasonable ISO for a good few seconds. I chose ISO400 for 15 seconds and took about 20 photos. Back home, you import the images into Photoshop and set all the layers to Screen. This allows the trails to be overlayed without the background becoming too bright. Here’s the best result of four attempts ….


The only wide-angle lens I own is a zoom that opens to 3.5. Next time I’ll try a 1.8 single, set ISO to 200 and also have a fiddle with the camera noise reduction settings. See if I can up the quality.

2 thoughts on “Firefly Photography #1”

  1. Is it possible to observe the fireflies in the vicinity of the house.
    That’s nice.
    This photo will be visible to the picturesque.

  2. Up until three years ago there was a firefly festival here in Iwamura every June. Unfortunately they don’t do it any more. There was also an organisation that bred and released fireflies to increase their numbers. Looks like that’s no longer running either. But at least we still have plenty of them around.

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